The fifth annual GeoJam was held on Thursday, May 13, 2010 from 6 to 8pm, with registration beginning at 5:30 in Seely Hall. The night was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated!

GeoJam is an exciting night of math games and puzzles hosted by pre-service math educators from the University of Illinois. It is an event meant for the whole family to get involved. There will be fun activities and prizes for Central students, parents, and kids of all ages.

Geometry students will form teams of 5 - 8 members including at least one parent in order to complete 5 different mathematical stations. Scores for each station will be recorded and the winning team will be awarded a class pizza party. Cheering sections, signs, and team t-shirts are encouraged but not required.

Algebra students and all other guests are invited to participate in numerous different and exciting mathematical puzzles, games, and exhibits.

Everyone attending GeoJam will receive a raffle ticket that will be used to give away tons of great prizes at the end of the night. These prizes include dozens of gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses including Best Buy, Beverly Cinemas, Buffalo Wild Wings, El Toro, TGI Fridays, Walmart, Areawide Technologies, Follet's Bookstore, Cozy's Custard, Apple, Dick's Sporting Goods, and tons more!

Come and join the fun!